Sydney Buyer’s Agent Tips: How to make your Customer Happy

As you can expect, the real estate business is very competitive, and it takes really strong to survive there. For instance, many buyer’s agents like you are ready to snap up any customer who is not satisfied with your service. Therefore, above your will to make money, you should be concerned about how happy your customers are at the end of the deal. Otherwise, you may lose them to another agent.

When you lose one Customer, remember that you have lost a great deal of future business, actually to infinity. Therefore, you must prioritize that all Customers have their needs met and be motivated to refer their friends and family to your for business. Such happy customers will be more than willing to refer others to you. To become the sydney buyers agency you dream of, you should build repeat businesses.

That feat is only possible when you establish a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Starting from giving them truthful information and establishing a personal connection based on trust, your customers should have no reservations when dealing with you. Even if you know all these facts to be accurate, how are you applying them in your daily deals? No matter how old you have grown in the industry, you need the following tips also to improve your delivery. 

Educate your customers on the process of buying a home

Educating your Customer on the home buying process will save you a lot of headaches as you proceed. And your job is actually to lift off the burden from your client, which is an indirect way to help yourself. When you explain every step of the way to your Customer and keeps updating them on the progress, they can relate better. Also, remember to add what they should expect along the way and ask relevant questions when that seems unseen.

Sydney Buyer's Agent Tips: How to make your Customer Happy

Furthermore, show them the options available from your searches and your findings. In addition, tell them about every form they may need to fill and submit and when due. Show them the contract terms and answer every question they may have. You should also conclude how much your payment will be, whether a fixed amount or a percentage, a variable. 

Give out materials to review on their own

At times, meetings with your Customer may not answer all the questions. So, you can make things easier by sharing with them some of the materials that contain the items you wish to tell them. Ask them to go home and review them, and if they have any questions, they can send you an email or call. At some point along the journey, they may need some refresher. So, don’t be shy to provide the information, even if it is about something you had mentioned before. 

Sydney Buyer's Agent Tips: How to make your Customer Happy

The top professional buyer’s agents in the industry have also shown that creating informational materials can keep your Customer engaged. When you give them such materials, it will also help eliminate any anxiety and ensure that they have something to refer to. You must know more than the contents of the informational material, including the updates where necessary. Ensure it also contains all the details of each step in the process. 

Get safe and personal with your customers

Every other step above can tilt towards the professional side, but you also need the personal side. What your customers know about the home buying process is not complete until you also get to know them and their interests. New agents often find it easy to assume that they already know the customers. But the truth is that you cannot wholly know someone if you really what to help them. 

Sydney Buyer's Agent Tips: How to make your Customer Happy

The knowledge does not really start for some relationships until the home search phase. While for others, the personal knowledge is after they have trusted you successfully with some information and even deposits. The vital part is that your customers should respect your opinion because you are speaking their language. And how can you communicate it if you don’t know it? Customers are unsurprisingly happiest when dealing with agents they trust. Built that trust.

Listen and take notes

Whether you are meeting your clients for the first time or the umpteenth time, take notes every single time. Your conversation is not just about having a polite discussion; let them know that you care about every gesture they make. Effective communication also involves active listening, which is further enhanced by keeping records. If writing is cumbersome for you, record the conversation but tell them what you do and why. 

Active listening involves giving feedback and asking questions about their interest, preferences and sometimes personal lives. However, you should be sensitive to the information that the Customer is willing to share and what they don’t want to disclose. Don’t insist on where they are reserving, except it is a vital factor in achieving this goal of buying their home. While relating with your customers, sincerity is also crucial because it forms part of the foundation for the relationship. Also checkout other recommended article Tips for buyers agent and property buyers in Sydney.

Be indispensable

If you don’t make it clear from the start by your disposition and attitudes, you may lose your potential buyer. As a buyer’s agent, your Customer mustn’t want to relate with someone else but you on this subject from the first meeting. Firstly, you may not be the first agent they speak to, but ensure you are the last. Many factors can contribute to cementing your place in their hearts, starting from timeliness, confidence and knowledge. 

In addition, make a bold statement with your presence that your absence is felt. At the same time, you must balance this step without overwhelming the Customer in a way they feel inferior to you. Make them feel special and communicate it constantly because they are why you are called a buyer’s agent. Without a buyer, there can definitely not be a buyer’s agent. Meanwhile, never ever mention another ongoing deal in the presence of your client. 


On a final note, the actual product we sell in the real estate industry is the service. Trust me, properties are everywhere, and buyers can still get home without an agent. It may be tough, but it is not impossible. So, ensure that the Customer’s interest comes before yours. If you master the above keys, you can strike and complete any deal with finesse.  

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