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It’s up to you when it comes to choosing bathroom tiles. You may either keep to a basic, monochromatic design with a traditional laying pattern or you can use a variety of colors, sizes, and forms on both the floor and the wall tiles to bring texture and warmth to your bathroom.

I understand that getting it perfect might be difficult at first, but fortunately, interiors journalist for your bathroom walls and floors, Sally Smith has simplified the process by breaking it down into five simple steps: choosing the proper form, color combination, and laying pattern, and texture.

Make a decision on your favorite tile design

A wide range of bathroom tiles is available on the market, including the traditional metro design, the elegant hexagonal, big format slabs, and the current interiors craze – scalloped bathroom tiles with a curved edging.

Due to the fact that porcelain bathroom tiles are nonporous, durable, and need no care – an added advantage – they are suitable for use in any zone of the bathroom, but particularly in wetrooms or showers.

Decorative bathroom tiles are now available in a wide range of realistic appearances, ranging from marble and wood to natural limestone, allowing you to get the elegant boutique hotel look on a budget.

There is also a plethora of ornamental patterns available in either matte or glossy finishes for a design that is worthy of being shared on Instagram. It is important to remember that a highly glossy tile would not be appropriate for use on the bathroom floor since they are quite slippery when wet.

In the event that you opt for real stone bathroom tiles for a more opulent look, bear in mind that these bathroom tiles are more costly, so take this in mind when creating your budget. Because these natural stones are porous, they will need to be sealed at least once every six months to keep them waterproof. Additionally, bear in mind that the color of the stones may fade with time.

Consider the layout of the design

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Prior to going out and purchasing your bathroom tiles, it’s a good idea to collect samples and photographs of inspiration from Pinterest or social media to use as mood boards. To see your concept come to life, why not experiment with online bathroom planning tools as well?

Now, in order to ensure that your design is cohesive, attempt to limit yourself to no more than three distinct bathroom tiles. To provide an example, if you choose a striking patterned tiled wall in the shower area, you should pair it with a plain tile in a neutral tone, maybe in a different shape and size, on the floor to complete the look. To create a more dramatic impression, you could also use a solid block of single-colored wall bathroom tiles in contrast to a monochromatic patterned floor tile. You can read Critical Tips for the Choice of Best Outdoor Tiles by clicking here.

Make a decision on the arrangement

It is important when purchasing bathroom tiles to consider how they will be installed in order to make the procedure more convenient for the homeowner.

Make highly accurate measurements of the wall and floor space that will be tiled – I repeat, incredibly accurate measurements – before you purchase the bathroom tiles. Additionally, remember to add at least ten percent more than you think you’ll need so that you have a few extra bathroom tiles to accommodate for any accidents that may occur throughout the tile-laying process.

Also, consider the effect that the grout lines will have on the final appearance of the project. You can inject a little individuality into this space by using grout that is either complementary or contrasting in color – already have a color scheme in mind? Green bathroom tiles with pink grout are one of the most popular color combinations right now!

Don’t forget about the importance of safety

All bathroom tiles are clearly labeled as either wall bathroom tiles intended for use on walls alone or wall and floor tiles intended for use on both walls and floors.

Because the bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in the house, floor bathroom tiles will need to be significantly stronger than wall bathroom tiles if you’re purchasing them for the floor. It is important to note that bathroom tiles are given an R rating to aid in the selection process; R9 has the lowest degree of slip resistance and R13 has the most. Check the R rating before purchasing, particularly for floor tiles in wet rooms and showers. Visit https://www.archdaily.com/925972/10-frequently-asked-questions-about-ceramic-tiles to read about 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Ceramic Tiles

The procedure for installing bathroom tiles

The procedure for installing bathroom tiles

After you’ve loaded your bathroom tiles onto the cart, bear in mind that the plumbing for the bathroom fixtures must be done first, followed by the installation of the wall bathroom tiles and finally the installation of the floor bathroom tiles.

Make sure the glue has had at least 48 hours to cure completely, particularly on the floor, before proceeding with the decorating step.

Plan on the tilers working on their own in the bathroom for approximately a week, with no other contractors going in and out, and for the whole process to be dirty since bathroom tiles will need to be cut to fit on site.

Take into consideration a long-term investment

Many people wish to save money in order to use it for other purposes. If you want to save money, on the other hand, you should think about long-term investments.

If you purchase inexpensive bathroom tiles, the quality may be subpar as well. Because the lifetime of the tile is limited, you may find yourself needing to replace it within a short period of time.

On the other hand, if you buy more expensive but more durable bathroom tiles, you will be able to use them for a longer period of time, avoiding the need to replace them for decades. As a result, make an effort to save money on your initial buy.

Purchase items that are inside your budget

Purchase items that are inside your budget

It’s good to be able to upgrade your house with something a little more elegant. Many individuals choose bathroom tiles that are attractive to the eye and match their own style.

However, you must create a budget and calculate how much money you will need to spend in order to complete your job. Although selecting high-quality and long-lasting bathroom tiles is always appealing, keep in mind that they represent just a portion of the total cost of constructing or remodeling a home.

When determining your budget, don’t forget to account for installation expenses, since certain bathroom tiles are more difficult and expensive to install than others. You may always check with your favorite installer to compare rates, installation expenses, and maintenance fees to ensure that you do not go over your budgetary limits.

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