These tips will ensure you make the right bathroom tiles decision

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It’s up to you when it comes to choosing bathroom tiles. You may either keep to a basic, monochromatic design with a traditional laying pattern or you can use a variety of colors, sizes, and forms on both the floor and the wall tiles to bring texture and warmth to your bathroom.

I understand that getting it perfect might be difficult at first, but fortunately, interiors journalist for your bathroom walls and floors, Sally Smith has simplified the process by breaking it down into five simple steps: choosing the proper form, color combination, and laying pattern, and texture.

Make a decision on your favorite tile design

A wide range of bathroom tiles is available on the market, including the traditional metro design, the elegant hexagonal, big format slabs, and the current interiors craze – scalloped bathroom tiles with a curved edging.

Due to the fact that porcelain bathroom tiles are nonporous, durable, and need no care – an added advantage – they are suitable for use in any zone of the bathroom, but particularly in wetrooms or showers.

Decorative bathroom tiles are now available in a wide range of realistic appearances, ranging from marble and wood to natural limestone, allowing you to get the elegant boutique hotel look on a budget.

There is also a plethora of ornamental patterns available in either matte or glossy finishes for a design that is worthy of being shared on Instagram. It is important to remember that a highly glossy tile would not be appropriate for use on the bathroom floor since they are quite slippery when wet.

In the event that you opt for real stone bathroom tiles for a more opulent look, bear in mind that these bathroom tiles are more costly, so take this in mind when creating your budget. Because these natural stones are porous, they will need to be sealed at least once every six months to keep them waterproof. Additionally, bear in mind that the color of the stones may fade with time.

Consider the layout of the design

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Prior to going out and purchasing your bathroom tiles, it’s a good idea to collect samples and photographs of inspiration from Pinterest or social media to use as mood boards. To see your concept come to life, why not experiment with online bathroom planning tools as well?

Now, in order to ensure that your design is cohesive, attempt to limit yourself to no more than three distinct bathroom tiles. To provide an example, if you choose a striking patterned tiled wall in the shower area, you should pair it with a plain tile in a neutral tone, maybe in a different shape and size, on the floor to complete the look. To create a more dramatic impression, you could also use a solid block of single-colored wall bathroom tiles in contrast to a monochromatic patterned floor tile. You can read Critical Tips for the Choice of Best Outdoor Tiles by clicking here.

Make a decision on the arrangement

It is important when purchasing bathroom tiles to consider how they will be installed in order to make the procedure more convenient for the homeowner.

Make highly accurate measurements of the wall and floor space that will be tiled – I repeat, incredibly accurate measurements – before you purchase the bathroom tiles. Additionally, remember to add at least ten percent more than you think you’ll need so that you have a few extra bathroom tiles to accommodate for any accidents that may occur throughout the tile-laying process.

Also, consider the effect that the grout lines will have on the final appearance of the project. You can inject a little individuality into this space by using grout that is either complementary or contrasting in color – already have a color scheme in mind? Green bathroom tiles with pink grout are one of the most popular color combinations right now!

Don’t forget about the importance of safety

All bathroom tiles are clearly labeled as either wall bathroom tiles intended for use on walls alone or wall and floor tiles intended for use on both walls and floors.

Because the bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in the house, floor bathroom tiles will need to be significantly stronger than wall bathroom tiles if you’re purchasing them for the floor. It is important to note that bathroom tiles are given an R rating to aid in the selection process; R9 has the lowest degree of slip resistance and R13 has the most. Check the R rating before purchasing, particularly for floor tiles in wet rooms and showers. Visit to read about 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Ceramic Tiles

The procedure for installing bathroom tiles

The procedure for installing bathroom tiles

After you’ve loaded your bathroom tiles onto the cart, bear in mind that the plumbing for the bathroom fixtures must be done first, followed by the installation of the wall bathroom tiles and finally the installation of the floor bathroom tiles.

Make sure the glue has had at least 48 hours to cure completely, particularly on the floor, before proceeding with the decorating step.

Plan on the tilers working on their own in the bathroom for approximately a week, with no other contractors going in and out, and for the whole process to be dirty since bathroom tiles will need to be cut to fit on site.

Take into consideration a long-term investment

Many people wish to save money in order to use it for other purposes. If you want to save money, on the other hand, you should think about long-term investments.

If you purchase inexpensive bathroom tiles, the quality may be subpar as well. Because the lifetime of the tile is limited, you may find yourself needing to replace it within a short period of time.

On the other hand, if you buy more expensive but more durable bathroom tiles, you will be able to use them for a longer period of time, avoiding the need to replace them for decades. As a result, make an effort to save money on your initial buy.

Purchase items that are inside your budget

Purchase items that are inside your budget

It’s good to be able to upgrade your house with something a little more elegant. Many individuals choose bathroom tiles that are attractive to the eye and match their own style.

However, you must create a budget and calculate how much money you will need to spend in order to complete your job. Although selecting high-quality and long-lasting bathroom tiles is always appealing, keep in mind that they represent just a portion of the total cost of constructing or remodeling a home.

When determining your budget, don’t forget to account for installation expenses, since certain bathroom tiles are more difficult and expensive to install than others. You may always check with your favorite installer to compare rates, installation expenses, and maintenance fees to ensure that you do not go over your budgetary limits.

Critical Tips for the Choice of Best Outdoor Tiles

The outdoor spaces beg for decorative elements like the outdoor tiles to enhance the functionality and attractiveness of the scene. In addition, the floor of the outdoor parts of the house must be equally efficient to keep all elements in check. Another excellent option for this purpose is using traditional concrete slabs or building brick patios with several options.

However, when it comes to the choice of outdoor tiles, one needs to know the specific requirements and conditions to achieve massive results. At the same time, you may need to consult with professionals and experts in charge of exterior decorations and landscaping. Moreover, let them work with their experience, knowledge, and guidance within your set budget. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong tiles that are not perfect for the area. 

This article zeroes in on some of the most essential tips to create perfect beauty with outdoor tiles. Also, the vital tips apply to both residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

The durability of the outdoor tiles

You need to focus on installing tiles to achieve lasting results. When you have finally decided on installing outdoor tiles, you need to consider the specific attributes of these tile options. At the top of these qualities is the durability of the outdoor tiles in terms of strength to last. Unlike indoor tiles, outdoor tiles are often subject to harsher conditions, including weather, pressure, weight, and traffic.

If the tiles are not solid and tough enough, they may be prone to cracks, scratches, or any other form of damage. Thereby leading to a need to renovate the part of the house and reconstruct the portion. This case also results in providing an extra budget for maintenance and care. To avoid these issues, you need a professional’s recommendation on durable tiles. And you can even tie the project success with the tile warranty life. Click here for tips that will help you decorate the outdoors.

Care about slip resistance and texture

The safety of using outdoor tiles is another crucial matter you cannot afford to ignore. For this cause, you should consider the ability of the outdoor tiles to prevent slipping over through efficient texture. Depending on the area where the outdoor tiles are installed and other factors, you need to show enough concern about the slip resistance and texture. 

The outdoor tiles may often be exposed to sand and moisture, the two most prominent culprits. Very smooth surfaces and shiny ones may become slippery if sands get to it or water spillage. Therefore, you should choose outdoor tiles that are slip-resistant and have a protective texture to keep everyone safe and sound. 

Keep your Style in mind

It is not enough to decorate your home exterior with outdoor tiles; you should conceptualize a fair idea. You should keep that Style in mind as you plan and execute that project. Remember that your house’s exterior looks can make or break the physical appeal of that house. By reference, guests first contact your house before coming in to meet with you. Therefore, the architectural features of the home must resonate with Style. 

Critical Tips for the Choice of Best Outdoor Tiles

Meanwhile, the outdoor tiles must create a style that is not divergent from the home’s overall theme and the area. However, they should resonate with each other in remarkable harmony. So, while choosing items for the exteriors, including outdoor tiles, you should pick focusing on the right choice of materials to bolster the house’s overall appearance. 

Setting your Budget

Who ignores budget in a project? When planning to install outdoor tiles, you should bear in mind the essence of the budget. Everyone likes to have a luxurious patio or executive decors in the outdoor area. Still, the budget will determine what you get. So, if you want luxurious items, be ready to put in the resources because it will cost you a reasonable amount. 

However, spending all your fortune on outdoor tiles is not advisable since there are other impotent items. While you like to show your guest what value your home has, it is not worth emptying your pocket. Therefore, keep your budget at a reasonable level and provide additional expenditures if it happens. 

Weather condition including Light Exposure is key

Another critical factor to the survival of the installation of outdoor tiles is the reality of the weather conditions. We have established that the external factors take a good hold on the outdoor tiles. If that is true, then the weather is one of such factors that matter. In addition to the weather condition, people also need to consider the light exposure of outdoor tiles before installation. Light exposure play a vital role in which outdoor tiles you should buy. 

As for patio gets a tremendous amount of sunlight, and if your outdoor tiles are not vital for high exposure, they can get damaged sooner than later. Another effect of excessive exposure to light is a discolored surface that ruins the appeal. Better still, you can use a shady area, which is advantageous to having bright-colored tiles that brighten up your space. And if you suspect that there will be much sunlight in a zone, go for dark-colored outdoor tiles, which absorb more light and reflects less. Get more ideas on outdoor living by visiting

Conclusion – Choose the right Finish

After installing outdoor tiles, we need to apply tile finishes to prolong their life. The Finish sometimes adds an extra layer of features such as the anti-slip feature, polishing, and additional surface texture. Some of the commonly used finishes include the following

  • Wood Finish tiles

The Wood finish tiles give your outdoor tiles a stable surface, and the installation becomes straightforward. Meanwhile, wooden tiles are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

  • Decking Tiles

The decking tiles appear as large wood squares with a back strip and interlocking edges. The wood usually has water resistance, such as cedar and redwood. They can be used to create ground-level decking without an understructure.

  • Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles form another way to create a unique style on your home exterior. It also helps to add an extra layer of class and sophistication. These outdoor tiles may also have interlocking edges and adhesive tapes that help you install them over concrete slabs. 

  • Interlocking plastic tiles

These tiles are relatively new, and they have interlocking edges. But the most fascinating quality is the texture that helps to protect it against slips and falls. The interlocking plastic tiles are great for covering concrete slabs.

Irresistible Facts about Gray Grout on Subway Tiles

The addition of white survey tiles to the home environment is one with such elegance and beauty. In practical terms, the home design elements are incomplete, except there is a mysterious place for tiles. Meanwhile, the joy of having the subway tiles in your home interior design is not just about the brick-like style. 

Irresistible Facts about Gray Grout on Subway Tiles

Instead, it is about the joy of the value it brings, including aesthetics, low cost of installation and maintenance, and the excellent perception of light contrast. So, as we consider using these tiles and the application, we cannot divorce the discussion from the use choice of grouts. And in this article, we will zero in on the use of grey grout in laying subway tiles. 

White subway tiles especially accommodate gray and light gray colored grout to fill in the gaps between one tile. Whereas this contrast is not the only function of this combination. Instead, it further enhances the look of the entire tile design. As you pay attention to this combination, you can inspire your creativity with the interior home design in a huge way. learn more about subway tiles at

Let us consider some of the most critical facts about Gray Grout while installing Subway Tiles.

What Visual Effect does the combination show?

As a general rule of thumb, home interior designers, landscapers, decorators, renovators, and contractors follow the contrasting style. When the color of the subway tiles is bright, they simply choose something darker as the grout. And if you observe that the selected tile has a somewhat dark color, then the grout chosen should have a brighter tone. 

In specific terms, the actual color we are considering for this article is the white subway tiles. But we can simply twist the facts upside down to get a directly opposite effect, which in some people’s preference. As for the white tiles, the gray grout color is considered to be suitable because it is darker than using white-colored grout. Mind you, some designs may retain a white-colored grout for white subway tiles if you like to keep the surface plain, uniform, and in a blend. 

Creating an attractive tiling design results from making a great color contrast choice when building. This attractiveness is also an essential part of what you plan to do with your creative abilities, a part of the aesthetic look. The white subway tile may also give a very bright impression with a clean surface within an ample room as a standalone feature.

If you choose to twist the appearance, you can pair it with gray grout. By so doing, you can still obtain a new visual effect of all the arrangements. Moreover, it has a unique detail for a contemporary touch or otherwise. The right grout can also give a relaxing impact when used in an interior part of the home, such as the toilet or bathroom. In this way, it can help to tame the otherwise pronounced brightness of a white tile. 

Gray Grout with Diverse Colors

Gray Grout with Diverse Colors

A pure grout contains basically a mixture of water and cement of different colors. In some cases, it may include sand, leading to sandy grout. The combination without grout is referred to as non-sandy grout. Moreover, the application of the grouting process can change the final output between the choices of a sandy or non-sandy grout. And when the build is suitable, the sanded grout can offer more strength in an area of heavier traffic. 

Cement, in this case, is a primary binding material that is very useful in a natural substance and a gray tone adds to the work. So, the grout color is not the only attribute to pay attention to, particularly if you land in a collection of different shades of gray. You can take the design further with another choice from the color palette lighter or darker than the typical shade. As a result, you twist the contrast with the subway tiles. 

In recent times and with the help of technology, the manufacturer can also tweak some options within the tile and grout materials. Due to the market diversity, it has become more difficult to point at a specific brand of grout material as the overall best. It now depends on what you want to achieve and the right color or shade of standard color that you will love. Each type of gray grout has some specialty that makes it preferable to others. learn more about the best tiles at

If you also pick any brand as a model, you can begin to try it on a board to see how it pairs up with white subway tiles. This practice will save a lot of time and cost before installation. Remember to observe the sample board both from afar and from new and in a well-lit environment and a relatively darker environment. However, these varieties may be necessary only where the final destination may have these qualities. 

How to Make a Sample Board

Since we have mentioned a sample board, it may be necessary to describe how to make one. A sample board is a tool that can be used to practice what a particular grout color and shade will look like when used for laying specific subway tiles. So, instead of applying the tiles to the actual space, you can try them out on the sample board to see what it will look like. And if you have some changes or creative adaptations to make, you can do it right there and then.

Items for Sample Board

You will need the following items

  • Take a few pieces of the choice of gray grout at your disposal. Since this sampling is just a test, you can just buy small quantities of each type or simply ask the manufacturer for sample products to save cost
  • Get a few white subway tiles that are likely to feature in your design project later with other options if there are
  • Glue gum
  • Plywood or any board that can bear the size and weight of the sampling items
  • Trowel or a putty knife
  • Sponge
  • You can use small plastic containers or plastic spoons to mix the grout before applying them in laying the tiles. 
Steps to follow in making the sample board

Steps to follow in making the sample board

  1. Place four or more subway tiles on the board, fixing them with the glue gum. The glue gum is preferable to any other type of gum because it can dry up very quickly to save time. Meanwhile, place the tiles in a way that manages your space well to allow for grouting. And if you prefer, you may start by drawing an outline with a pencil and ruler.
  2. Pour the grout materials inside the container with water and stir with the plastic spoon. At this stage, you may need to follow the instructional material for using each type of grout because one product may differ from another in this wise.
  3. Apply the grout mixture to the space you created between your tiles on board using a trowel or a putty knife. Gently press each lump in to get a smooth and better result. 
  4. Clean up any excess grout on the surface with the same tool
  5. Allow the work to sit undisturbed for some time, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation on the grout using 
  6. Moisten up the sponge and squeeze out excess water before cleaning up. Focus your cleaning on the tiles so that the outline formed by the grout can become more visible.
  7. As the grout dries up more appropriately, you can see what it looks like in contrast to a white tile. When done, this look is the closest to what you will have on the project. Check out How Sheet Vinyl is Made

Things Nobody Told You about Subway Tiles in 2022

With all the wild goings about subway tiles and the long history they have existed, they are always worth a second look. Yet, there is a lot of information about them, how they can help you rebuild your home interior and what to do to create that excellent delivery. Sets of subway tiles in a timeless and practical arrangement can mean the world to a passionate designer. 

Things Nobody Told You about Subway Tiles in 2022

But before we go for buying subway tiles, this article actually focuses on some of the strangest things you never knew existed with the subway tiles until now.

The Origin of Subway Tiles is actually Manhattan

The first set of subway tiles was installed at the New York City subway station under the ground. The intention was to build an artistic design that could stand the test of time. Still, it led to the invention of one of the most fascinating building finish materials. The said train station opened in 1904, officially the first time the subway tiles were seen there. 

Meanwhile, the target of the two designers in creating these tiles was to create something safe and easy to clean. It should also be familiar for the future and friendly enough to all the city-dwellers who use the underground transit route for the maiden time. In the end, these designers came up with tiles with a slightly curved edge with a glossy finish. In the end, the subway tiles in the station became polished, sanitary, and bright output. 

Subway Tiles still exist today in an old and abandoned subway station

Not only do subway tiles have a rich history, but they also are safe and secure for use and can last a great deal of time. A quick visit to that first subway station in New York, which is now abandoned, is proof of what this point says. Some news also reported that particular New Yorkers decide to spend extra time down there to better glimpse the subway tiles. 

Subway Tiles began with an obsession with hygiene

The question of hygiene has always been fundamental in creating subway tiles, which is why they were easy to clean. For a start, the Victorian-era fixation was deep on cleanliness in addition to the glazed and glossy finish. In the end, it is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and can reflect light. Click here to learn more about cleaning your tiles

Moreover, they earned a reputation for the sanitary and practical attributes to cover the critical positions. Designers and builders use subway tiles for kitchen backsplashes, bath walls, and butcher shops. At the same time, the practical choice of these options gives your home interior and stunning lift. 

The standard dimensions are still under debate

While subway tiles can become a tough choice in terms of the color and grout combinations. The standard dimensions of the tiles are a rectangular shape with a recent square-shaped exception. Each tile is about 3 x 6 inches and has a growing redefinition in a specific size. At the same time, subway tiles can also be beneficial to remodel your surface. 

standard dimensions are still under debate

Subway Tiles are also made in glass and stone

The primary material for making subway tiles is hot-fired ceramic. However, they can also be made from glass and stone and still obtain a strong, durable, and easy to clean building material. The initial material’s definition is a glazed ceramic tile in a low-fired buildup. However, it may be shocking to discover that the first subway tiles were white glass. But these materials are also very workable with other materials, including stone, drink, and marble. 

You can actually get Subway Tile for less than $1 

While some materials can cost a great deal, the subway tiles can actually go for as low as $1. Meanwhile, the prices can also reach over $8 per square foot for the same piece of tile. These varieties are often determined by what is at stake in the market and many hardware stores. In the case of the handmade depot, the subway tiles can cost up to $60 per square foot and with other resources. 

Choosing the Grout

The grout you intend to combine with your subway tiles is an excellent part of the work. The source file in the choice of grout usually contains the afterthought of the project. Whereas the color and shape of the grout are also an integral part of the entire process. The grout we use determines a complete change of look and style in how we create at the end of the day. You can decide to use a contrasting color to the tile or make it uniform for the remodeling process. 

Subway Tiles are not limited to Floors

It will be a huge mistake to put subway tiles on the floor but only on the walls and other parts of the home interior. The primary reason is that floors are not too suitable because they are often subject to wear and tear due to the delicate nature of the tiles. 

Variety of Possibilities with Subway Tiles

When you picture the brick wall made of subway tiles, the design options and patterns are limited. For instance, there are about three known angles of offset that you can use in this building methodology. At best, angle offsets such as 50%, 25%, and other options have recreated the use of subway tiles as we know them. And what we get in the end largely depends on the creative power of the designer. 

You can compare the subway tiles to a nice pair of jeans

One comparison between the subway tiles and jeans is that both items are classic stories that can last long. They come with practical handling and arrangement for the designer to have the reality of their conception. 

You can compare the subway tiles to a nice pair of jeans


On a final note, above are the 10 notable things you need to learn about subway tiles. Still, then, you should start with remolding and debunking some of the ancient myths to be new and contemporary. Check out some of the items we have in stock and make the right choice.