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Using Terrazzo Tiles for Commercial Buildings in Sydney

The seamless epoxy terrazzo flooring tiles bring an immense choice to flooring spaces, including residential and commercial places. You may also expect some unexpected turnout levels in this kind of use. Terrazzo tiles that we find at homes are different from what is applicable in commercial centers.

For example, you find the kind of terrazzo in commercial centers such as airports, hotels, supermarkets, manufacturing companies, hospitals, and retail centers. This change is evident due to these places’ unique needs, such as moving carts, transportation vehicles, and safety. 

These factors must interplay when planning to install a flooring system in a commercial center. In other words, a regular run-of-the-mill flooring material or design will not be sufficient in doing the job. But you need a trusted level or format of a flooring material such as the terrazzo tiles for such spaces. You can buy some of the best terrazzo tiles online at https://tileandbathco.com.au/

How did terrazzo tiles become a captivating choice for commercial centers? This article will examine some of the most outstanding qualities of terrazzo that are particularly important for commercial constructions. 

Terrazzo tiles are non-porous

After installation, the non-porosity of terrazzo tiles is one of the most important attributes that a commercial interior contractor is often excited about. In the case of a commercial area, you do not just install the tiles and leave them. There is a need to always keep it sealed from daily wear and tear that threatens its longevity. 

But an additional benefit of the sealing includes protection from mud deposits, drink spillage, or any kind of debris that could otherwise be dropped off on it. Customers, employees, consumers, and other users of the terrazzo floors may find it easy it drop off items at will. And in the case of different types of flooring like concrete, the longer these items stay, the more hazard they cause.

However, the terrazzo tiles do not allow such staining from especially liquids. Meanwhile, if any of these items drop off and settle in the flooring, they could accommodate harmful bacteria. If it continues for some time, this process may degrade the flooring material.

When you are also ready to remove them from concrete, it takes great effort to remove grease from concrete. But the terrazzo tiles are an excellent choice above the other flooring materials in terms of cleaning. 

The unique epoxy terrazzo flooring tiles also have a non-porous fabrication that is water- and chemical-resistant. In addition, it does not also allow any debris stain on the floor. It also removes the risk of such items penetrating the flooring systems. No mold or bacteria has a chance of growing therein, and you can maintain the excellent look of your terrazzo for a long time. 

Terrazzo Tiles can resist Scratches

While the foot traffic is one thing to worry about, the commercial centers with terrazzo flooring have more to be afraid of. There is another possibility that someone someday will drag heavy objects with sharp feet across the floor. Who knows? It may even happen more than once.

Therefore, the interior constructor of these floors using terrazzo tiles must prepare the head of this possibility. Using softer flooring materials, including concrete, can quickly receive its marks if anyone tries to pull an object across the room. It may also cause visible damage with the high cost of repair.

On the other hand, rightly installed terrazzo tiles contain a durable surface that can remain unscathed in the face of such activities. Apart from its durability and non-porous properties, the seamless epoxy terrazzo is an excellent choice in resisting surface damage such as scratches. Click here to learn some of the differences between porous and non-porous properties.

As the homeowner planning to invest in terrazzo flooring, you also have a durable material at your disposal. The source material is a highly durable combination of diverse materials. The materials may include a variety of pebbles, glass chips, marble, and epoxy terrazzo floors. These materials can endure heavy trauma that may arise from using the floor of commercial centers and rooms. 

Terrazzo is overall cost-effective.

Contrary to many in terms of how expensive terrazzo tiles are, they are actually cost-effective. To make that statement clearer, we will give a little illustration. Installing terrazzo tiles ensures that they can last for at least twice or thrice using traditional tiles.

In other words, the home with traditional tiles may have had to replace and repair the tiles once or twice before your own replacement comes. In addition, flooring a commercial space may also need you to put up a covering, implying a more expensive material. But when you compare it with the value and protection it comes with, the overall price makes sense.

On the other hand, if the constructors try to cut down some costs by using inferior materials, the future prices will definitely soar. For instance, it will cost far more to maintain, repair, and replace any damaged flooring due to the inferior materials. 

Therefore, the genuine terrazzo tiles offer the premium durability you may expect to find among many other options. And when you install some of the best choices among the collection, it requires little or no future repair or replacement later. 

As a result of the high overall value, installing the suitable terrazzo tiles also means no more pressure on the cleaning and maintenance budget. A simple cleaning mop and a wet vacuum can restore the beauty of the floor and its ever-shiny look, reducing your operating or running costs. 

Terrazzo tiles are environmentally friendly

The issues of environmental-friendly materials in building projects these days cannot be underemphasized. As society continues to grow in the “go green” campaigns, it is essential to choose a material that favors this system for the betterment of all. 

Some of the latest terrazzo flooring tiles have an innovative fabrication that maximizes the LEED points. They also come with zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels that ensure no harmful substances or by-products are left within the commercial space. 

Some of the essential steps to ensure this principle is kept include the following 

  • Use of recyclable materials such as glass, marble, and even shell chips during the fabrication process
  • Using a source fabrication material within a 500-mile radius of the main floor
  • Using a certified 100% epoxy resin


In conclusion, the terrazzo tiles are suitable for residential spaces and produce excellent results for commercial centers. This article has highlighted some of its attributes that endorse this use. Remember also that the terrazzo tile designs are not static. Still, they are customizable to help maintain a high spirit where needed. In addition, they work well for renovations, whether in part or whole. 

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