Reasons to consider Quartz
  • 25 May, 2017

Reasons to consider Quartz

Many people always seem to find quartz a better choice and some people never really understand what prompts this choice. As a quartz supplier, the advantages of quartz over the other stones are not a mystery to us. Therefore, it is our key responsibility to share the knowledge of the same matter with you so that you can be on the know-how. Having the background knowledge of quartz advantages will enable you to make sound decisions on which material to choose from the variety we offer for your kitchen countertops, your bathroom, and your floor.

You should choose Quartz because:

Quartz is stonger than others:

In a quartz Vs granite comparison, quartz always takes the trophy at the end of the day because its slab composition is 93% quartz. This means that quartz is more durable when compared to marble or even granite.

Quartz does not critically sealing:

Quartz is a non-porous stone, and this means that it does not have pores whereby substances can get retained in, or harmful bacteria can grow. This makes it not an urgent necessity to seal floors, kitchen countertops and floors that are made of quartz.

Ease of maintenance:

Quartz kitchen countertops, floors, and bathrooms do not require maintenance so as to prevent any bacterial growth or staining that can happen because of one reason or the other. Therefore, quartz slabs can prove to be less tedious in a way.

Quartz slabs are a healthier choice:

Its non-porous nature makes it a healthier choice and especially for kitchen countertops. You can comfortably place your food products that you want to cook on the surface, and you will not be worried about contaminations of any kind.

Quartz is cost effective:

The fact that quartz is nonporous means that it does not require constant sealing as the other stones do. This means that you get the chance to save the money you would have used to have it sealed.

Quartz is attractive:

It is no secret that this is an exquisite stone that will automatically look great in your bathroom, kitchen and your floors. Being man made, you can expect all kinds of beauties.

Quartz is highly scratch resistance:

Scratches make any surface look ugly no matter how beautiful they are. With quartz surfaces, you do not need to worry about all the scratches that come with using sharp objects over them.

Now that you know why you should choose quartz, make a wiser decision.