Countertops for kitchens
  • 25 May, 2017

Countertops for kitchens

Whether you are considering kitchen remodeling to your own house, or you are a professional, improving interior houses, then you should definitely start with the kitchen. Perhaps the most popular space inside a house, countertops for kitchen will enhance the room’s appearance. Select through a wide variety of granite and quartz and transform the kitchen.

The best Granite and Quartz countertops for kitchen

Different countertops for kitchen:

There are many different options from which one may choose. Many countertops for kitchen, with many color and material variations, choose the one best suited with the rest of the kitchen’s style and color palette. Every material you will find in United Slab is meant to impress and has a high durability. All of the countertops for kitchen will last many years and offer a high-quality comfort and functionality.

Granite countertops for kitchen:

Granite is without a doubt the most durable stone to be used in countertops for kitchen. This diamond-like surface is ideal for kitchen and bathroom counters. Granite does not require any special treatment, and this is one of the reasons it is so popular between other countertops for kitchen. Easily cleaned, the granite countertop will always look as good as new.

White Ice, Dallas White, and White Marfira are the most elegant ones, with a discreet design, that will enable you to fit it along with several cupboard choices. Alternatively, if you want granite with strong personality and vibrant colors, White Persa, Venetian Gold, Vienna and Mary White are the most ideal options.

Quartz countertops for kitchen:

This surface includes natural quartz, silica and polyester resin. Its environmental friendly synthesis will allow you to enjoy a highly durable counter, in many different variations. Quartz will offer you a much like stone texture, while the quality will be significantly superior. Its anti-bacterial surface is ideal for any kitchen or bathroom counter.

For an elegant appearance, choose the Super White quartz. Crystal White, Egg Shell, Light Grey and Grey are some of the available choices. With quartz, you will find more choices in a more durable material. Quartz makes all countertops for kitchen gain a refined look that will never go away as the years pass.

United Slab has a large variety of imported stones from all over the world. Premium quality and high-end services are the main goals. With over 15 years of experience, the well-trained professionals will provide you with consultation and the best available options when it comes to countertops for kitchen. Brazil, China, and USA are the main clients of this company.

Whether you want to purchase a countertop as an individual, or you are looking for long term cooperation, United Slab is here to help you out. Though the main field of expertise we cover anything about slabs for countertops, bathroom vanity, and flooring in order to transform any house.