Choosing granite for your home
  • 25 May, 2017

Choosing granite for your home

As granite suppliers, it is vital that our customers have a clear understanding of why they should choose granite. Granite being one of the many precious natural stones we have, it is an excellent choice for your floor construction, bathroom installation, kitchen countertops construct and much more. It is not enough though that you know it is a perfect choice; it is vital to understand what makes granite a fantastic pick.

As your granite slab supplier, there are factors about granite that just makes it outstanding and also make it our choice of natural stone. Some of the reasons why we choose to supply you with granite slabs are because granite is:

Healthy choice:

When granite is sealed excellently, its porous nature will not be a cause of alarm at any time. It will not be able to retain any substances that can cause harm to your health or contamination of any kind. The fact that it is not very porous is an added advantage to it.

Granite is more durable than marble:

In granite vs. marble competition, granite will win regarding durability always.

Granite is stain resistant:

There is nothing as irritating as stains and especially in places that speak volumes about your house like your kitchen, floor, and even bathroom. Not many people will understand that it is a stain; some may conclude you are not a clean person. Thank God that with granite you will not face such embarrassments. Its high density counts a lot and you have to do is seal it properly.

Granite add more value to your home or building:

Granite is beautiful and attractive to look at. It makes any home or building more beautiful and more excellent. This is as compared to any other kind of material like wood when used on floors, kitchen countertops or even the bathroom.

Granite is unique:

Every slab that is made with granite has some unique characteristics that cannot be duplicated and therefore this means that your home will be unique and outstanding.

Granite is heat resistant:

This is a great quality and especially for using it as kitchen countertops. You will save yourself a lot.

Generally, granite countertops will require minimal maintenance, but the same cannot be said about marble countertops. Even so, the basic maintenance methods cut across both of them. They should be sealed at all times. They should not be exposed to acidic materials or substances, and any spill on the counter should be wiped with immediate effect to avoid any chance for staining.