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Florida's Best Premium Quality Granite and Quartz Slabs

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United Slab is a leading supplier of superior quality granite, quartz, beautiful natural and artificial stone slabs in Florida with store locations from Orlando to Miami.

Established in 1999, at United Slab, just like you, we love the long-lasting beauty that natural or artificial stone can bring to one’s home. We also understand that it can be difficult to find a company that supplies esthetically-pleasing, unique and high quality stone products. With our extensive industry experience and our many years working importing and exporting, United Slab is your accredited and reliable source for all your natural stone (also known as granite slabs).

About United Slab
Who we are looking for

Whether you are a retail shopper, trading professional or simply an avid fan of natural or artificial stone, we can assist you with everything you may require. Our products can stunningly transform the look of your kitchen, bathroom, living area, any flooring surface, patio, office space or any other area you can think of.

Our structure

United Slab has offices in Brazil, China and the USA. We has have almost 35.000 Square Feet under our warehouses. This means that we can guarantee to attend to all fabricators, final customers, home owners, contractors, interior designers and also kitchens and baths. In addition, we work with the world’s best and more renowned quarries. In doing so, we can personally hand-select the finest quality stones to add to our exclusive range. Because United Slab has no middle man and since we have long-standing and meaningful relationships with our suppliers, we have been able to negotiate highly attractive prices and can therefore pass these on to you, our most valued clients.

With incredible quality, communication, professionalism, excellent customer service, reliability and integrity being the cornerstone of all we do here at United Slab, our ultimate goal is to provide fantastic-looking stone products to our customers for a better way of life. United Slab International Group is a privately owned company. We are proud to serve you with a great variety of imported Natural and Artificial Stones. We source our materials from around the world, focused on premium quality, we can guarantee that you and your client will be satisfied.

We have been in business for over 15 years, with offices in Brazil, China and USA.